SHIVA - Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere


University of Malaya, Malaysia (UM)


University Malaya is one of the leading research universities in Malaysia. The Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences is one of the centres of excellence established by the university to undertake a multidisciplinary research in ocean and earth sciences. The areas of research cover the following:

1. Marine Living Resources,Biotechnology and Ecosystems

2. Coastal Processes Studies and Coastal Engineering

3. Earth System Observation & Simulation and Climate Change

4. Maritime Law and Policy

5. Maritime Culture and Geopolitics

IOES is the Malaysian lead partner in a number of international projects such as the development of hydrological modelling of river discharge in Southeast Asia from TRMM and SRT under the INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT & IMPACTS of CLIMATE CHANGE on Asia-Pacific Rim Urban Communities which is a project under the Association of Pacific Rim Universities World Institute. IOES too work closely with the National Ocean Directorate of Malaysia in leading and participating in research expeditions and conference related to the state of the ocean in the South China Sea and the West Pacific. IOES also managed a number of coastal research stations in the island of Tioman and Bachok on the Malay Peninsula. Among the areas of research undertaken are the biodiversity of marine and coastal ecosystem in the South China Sea,air-sea interactions and the various scale of monsoonal weather affecting the South China Sea.

Tasks within SHIVA:

  • Malaysian point of contact for the field work program to be undertaken by SHIVA consortium.
  • Liaising with Malaysian Authorities through University of Malaya to smooth the implementation of the field programm.
  • WRF simulation and modelling of the meteorology especially that related to deep convection in the South China Sea.

Involved scientist:

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