SHIVA - Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France (CNRS)


CNRS is the French governmental agency for public research. The CNRS laboratory involved in the present project is LPC2E-Orléans, which belongs to the Department of Earth Science and Astronomy and is also part of the University of Orléans. It is one of the few French laboratories selected and approved by the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES). Its research in atmospheric physics and chemistry focuses on measurements and modelling studies at all latitudes in the upper troposphere and stratosphere, in relation with the stratospheric ozone layer and climate. The laboratory will contribute to the present project via in situ aircraft-borne tunable cascade quantum laser (QCL) measurements of transport tracers and reactive species via meso-scale modelling of the transport of VSLS and product gases (PG) by deep convection.

Tasks within SHIVA:

  • To provide datasets of dynamical tracers (e.g. O3, CO, CH4, N2O, CO2, H2O) at high spatial resolution by in situ aircraft-borne measurements using infrared tuneable Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) in WP-2.
  • To develop an improved chemistry module for VSLS chemistry modelling in collaboration with UNIVLEEDS (WP-4).
  • To provide mesoscale modelling analysis of transport and chemical transformation of VSLS and PG in convective environments in order to improve the parameterization of convection in the end-to-end models used in WP-4.

Involved scientists:

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